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How Does it Feel to Give Epinephrine to Yourself?

How Does it Feel to Give Epinephrine to Yourself?

By Dr. Neetu Talreja

Well, most of you know that my daughter has food allergies. Yes, I am a food allergy mom. So I go through the epinephrine autoinjector training and the FARE action plan training to every friend, family or baby sitter watching my child every time I leave my child (more like a mom than an allergist - if you can believe it!).

Recently, I was trying to show a new nanny how to use Epipen/AuviQ. This practice has become so monotonous for me after doing it it almost 1000 times a year with patients. I presumed that I had a trainer device in my hand ( Auvi-Q trainer). But, it was actual Auvi-Q with active drug in it, and without even listening to the directions it was saying, I went on to give the drug intramuscularly to myself. Yes... you read it right. I gave the actual drug to myself!

For a second, I felt the needle stick and I was completely startled. Then, the allergist in me took over and I figured I will be okay. Plus it was a children's dose and not an adult dose. I did feel the chest pressure and palpitations for a while and felt a little agitated but drained at the same time. But all these symptoms went away slowly without affecting anything that I was supposed to do after. I trained the nanny and went on my way!

I was thankful that this did happen to me (not suggesting that you all should try it at all)- but just because, I can now understand my allergy patients so much better when I administer them epi or talk to the parents/patients about the stress associated with injecting and for that matter, even carrying this adrenaline injector with them at all times.

I appreciate each and every patient/child/parent who lives this life everyday carrying this autoinjector around and believing in it at time of emergency! Also, a big shout to those food allergy moms like me!



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