Are you allergic to Mosquitoes?


It is officially summer in Idaho and that means lots of camping, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors! But that also means exposure to mosquitoes and their irritating bites! Due to all the flooding we have had this year, it is projected to be a bad year for mosquitoes!

What does a mosquito allergy look like?

We all know that a mosquito bite is annoying and causes a tiny, itchy red bump that appears within hours and may last a few days. However, some of us can develop quite large welts or hives that can be associated with swelling in the joints and fever. They can also cause blistering lesions. These reactions are more severe and may need more treatment. It is important to discuss these reactions with your allergist.

Fortunately, it is extremely rare to have a severe allergic reaction like anaphylaxis to a mosquito bite because these guys don’t inject venom into you like bees, wasps or hornets.

How can you avoid it?

The best thing to prevent mosquito bites is to wear clothing that covers your skin entirely, this includes long sleeves, socks and long pants. You can use insect repellant but be aware that these are harsh chemicals as well and can cause other types of skin rashes or allergy troubles, it is best to spray these on your clothing rather than direct skin. Also, the use of citronella candles and coils can help keep them at bay. In our area, mosquitoes generally come out at dusk and dawn, so protect yourself during these times the most.

If you develop problematic reactions from mosquito bites or other stinging insects, please let your local allergist know so we can help keep you safe from severe allergic reactions.

Enjoy the long summer days!

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