Early Allergy Season- Lets stay sneeze-free this year!


It’s soon going to be that time of the year where you would see pollen pollen everywhere in Treasure Valley. Trees in bloom, pollen in air, warm weather- Allergy season is already here. Some of you must be thinking of buying stocks in Kleenex- it’s that time of year that car wash companies make great money and hay fever patients are annoyed with runny noses, itchy eyes and headaches! If you greet the spring season every year with a runny nose, itchy eyes and cough instead of a happy heart, it’s time for you to look into tricks to help you cope your symptoms better. It’s always helpful to have a proactive game plan. You want to get ahead of this before the symptoms start bothering you. Often times, people who are living here in Treasure Valley know those certain triggers and times of the year for their annoying symptoms. The idea is, hence, to prepare yourself early. Certain early remedies will give body a head start so the immune response responsible for the symptoms is calmed down faster and sooner before the season hits.

Treat Allergies Early

  • Start your allergy medications early. It takes time for them to work and calm down the immune response. Pollen starts filling the air as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. Being proactive with your medications is the key to a happy spring season!!

Learn more. Over-the- counter allergy medications

  • Three main kinds of over-the-counter (OTC) medications are available to control seasonal allergies: topical nasal sprays- inhaled corticosteroids and antihistamines; oral antihistamines; and decongestants. We advise not using OTC decongestants for allergies for they are known to cause rebound nasal congestion if used for longer periods of time. Oral decongestants can cause elevation in blood pressure. Hence, talking to your doctor first before trying decongestants is important. If your symptoms are persistent, seeking medical attention with your primary care doctor or an allergist is advised.

Control your environment

  • If you're going to be working outside, consider wearing a protective allergy face mask for tasks like mowing the grass, raking leaves, or washing the car. Washing your hair and showering every night helps you to get rid of all the collected pollen on your body or hair during the day.

Natural Allergy Cure

  • The popular tool, Neti pot,is effective in minimizing seasonal allergy symptoms by rinsing out the sinuses but remember that it has its limitations. The pollen will continue to cause symptoms and rinsing the nose will not be effective everytime.

Seek allergy care from an allergist

  • If the current medications are not working, its time to visit an allergist. A board-certified allergist will help you determine precisely what you're allergic to and help discuss avoidance measures. Allergy prescription medications will be used when appropriate from several options available these days.

You don’t have to be miserable because of your allergies. Welcome Spring with a happy heart and enjoy the outdoors. Seek allergy care from an allergist, find out what you are allergic and help them develop a personalized plan.