Fifty Shades of Spring Allergy: A quick fact check!


Fact Check #1: Every year is possibly and really “the worst one yet” for allergies.

Of course, there is marketing involved in saying above, but if you are one of those who believe in climate change, then this is true. Global warming seems to be making allergies worse. This is attributing to longer seasons and longer pollen production by allergenic plants.

Fact Check #2: Knowing (and not assuming) what you’re allergic to, helps in better control of symptoms.

Two-thirds of people have allergies and those allergies could be seasonal or year-round allergies. You may think you’re allergic to your pet, but skin testing will reveal objective evidence that it’s the dust or the grass pollen on your pet’s body that you are allergic to.

Fact Check #3: Over the counter antihistamines may be a waste of money.

Oral antihistamines are available easily and the most common allergy medication, but corticosteroid nasal sprays is the way to go for great control. Before using them, its advisable to discuss the side effect profile of these medications with your primary care doctor or allergist.

Fact Check #4: Allergy shots are great for long term “natural” cure, but they’re not right for everyone

Allergy shots are an effective and natural way to boost your immune system to be able to control your symptoms without depending on medications. However, it involves visiting the clinic once a week for 3-6 months and then once monthly. They may not be for everyone because of lifestyle but, should be consideration for allergic patients. Other alternative to above are, faster allergy shot protocols to get to every month shot or sublingual oral allergy tablets.

Fact Check #5: Be proactive and start treating your allergies before the pollen season is in full bloom.

Best is to start treating your symptoms even before you have symptoms. Check the local pollen count on our website, and as soon as they start to rise, start taking your nasal sprays. It’s harder to have good and fast control if the symptoms are severe.

Fact Check #6: There is nothing like “a real hypoallergenic” pet.

And just because your animal doesn’t shed doesn’t mean it is hypoallergenic. Research articles have again and again showed that allergic to the animal means allergy to animal’s saliva or dander, and not to their fur. You don’t have to get rid of your pet, but keeping them out of your bedroom will make a big difference. Otherwise, consider allergy shots which will built your immune system and reduce your dependency on medications.


And that’s why you have board certified allergists that can help you. There are lot of treatment options and there, surely is one, which would work for you. Don’t just wait for symptoms to occur and go away with season change. You deserve to enjoy the different seasons. The Allergy Group is here to breathe, smell and sleep better. Call (208)-377-4000 to schedule your appointment.