Get Asthma and Allergy Ready Before You Arrive On Campus!


Moving from high school to college can be a big transition for students. Going away to college can be nerve wracking, but more so, for those with allergies and asthma – these individuals need a different kind of preparation. Dorm food, dorm environment, different climate and pollen all need to be considered! The Allergy Group will like help college student stay safe and have a stress- free college year. Below are some tips:

Before you leave:

- Start prepping well – know your allergy and asthma triggers and how to avoid them - Schedule an appointment with your allergy and asthma specialist to develop a personalized plan. - Get the immunizations (flu, pneumonia) required before you leave. - If you are getting allergy shots ask your doctor to help make arrangements to continue the allergy shots at school. - Take over the task of picking up prescriptions so you are acquainted to this process. - Contact the school’s office if special forms are needed to be filled out for allergy care. - Check your medical supplies: like peak flow meter, spacers and an adequate supply of up-to-date prescription medications. If you carry an epinephrine auto-injector, make sure you have at least two on hand. - Consider getting dust-mite impermeable pillowcases and mattress covers.

On Campus:

- Clean your dorm room thoroughly before unpacking - Check around your dormitory for any visible signs of mold, dust or dander. - Meet with your dorm supervisor, roommate, and student health center provider to make everyone aware of your allergy and anaphylaxis management plan and what to do to help you in an emergency. - Know the location of the nearest hospital or urgent care center. - Keep an asthma diary, including peak flow readings, for about a month to track how you are doing in your new environment. - Keep the rescue inhaler and epinephrine autoinjector with you at all times. - If you have food allergies, look into how the cafeterias confirm the ingredients in the food they serve. Take Command – you are the person in charge now! While away at college, take your asthma and allergies seriously. This is an exciting time for you; asthma and allergies should not complicate or cause missed days of college. Taking charge of your asthma and allergies will fill this period in your life with academic successes and not failures. With the proactive outlook and advanced preparation, you can keep asthma and allergies under control. College is all about LEARNING – Listen, Experience, Aspire, Reflect, Nurture, Imagine, Network and Grow. Good luck - The Allergy Group