Tips on Avoiding your Allergens


Always remember the best way to control your allergy symptoms is to avoid the things that trigger it. A helpful tool is to keep track of the pollen count in your local area. Here at The Allergy Group, we work hard to provide you the best and most accurate count in the valley.

We will begin this count next week!

When the pollens you are allergic too are high in number, be extra cautious with the following avoidance techniques and prepare before you get exposed on outdoor adventures with the proper medications.



  • Use air conditioning
  • Close windows and doors
  • Wear Loose, light clothing outdoors
  • Shower, change, and wash clothes in hot water after each use
  • Vacation away during peak pollen season


  • Using fans
  • Flowers indoors, direct contact with plants (ex. Gardening/weeding)
  • Going outdoors on hot, dry and windy days
  • Line drying clothes on high pollen days
  • Pets coming in and out of the home

Outdoor Molds:


  • Compost piles, fallen leaves, cut grass (always if clippings are not bagged), barns, wooded areas
  • Sleeping/camping out, especially on wet ground
  • Outdoor activities at sunset (when mold spores drop onto the ground)

Indoor Molds:


  • Keep humidity at 25-45%
  • Clean surfaces with mold inhibitors/chlorine bleach
  • Let indoor/car air conditioner run at full blast 3-5 minutes with windows open when first turned on
  • Vent clothes dryers, stoves and bathrooms to outdoors
  • Ventilate closets
  • Empty and clean garbage cans frequently


  • Leaks, water damage in home
  • Old wallpaper
  • Basements
  • Live Christmas trees

Dust Mites:


  • Eliminate mite reservoirs: plastic encase pillows and mattresses
  • Wash bedding weekly (140 degrees F)
  • Remove Carpets, feather/down bedding and pillows, stuffed animals
  • Reduce upholstered furniture to a minimum
  • Keep humidity 25-45%
  • Use air conditioner and dehumidifier
  • Use air filtration measures: HEPA filters
  • Vacuum Cleaning
  • Exposure to heat or cold


  • Excessive dust and dirt in home
  • Old carpeting, mattresses and bedding
  • Old bedding for pets

Have a great week!
Brianne Ayers PA-C at The Allergy Group