What does it mean to be a Certified Pollen Counter?


The Allergy Group is happy to announce that our Physician Assistant, Brianne Ayers, has become a certified pollen counter through the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology . This means that we submit our pollen counts to the National Allergy Bureau , a nationwide database of pollen counts. The NAB provides the most accurate and reliable pollen and mold counts throughout the United States and is utilized by scientists, researchers and physicians to advance their knowledge of our environmental allergens.

How did we get certified?

In order to achieve this certification, you have to pass a difficult 70 question multiple choice exam focusing on geographic distribution of pollens, botanical descriptions of trees and identification and collecting techniques of pollen grains.

Then, you must identify pollens correctly on a microscopic slide. This has been very meticulous work and requires an extensive amount of practice to develop a trained eye. It requires a great deal of expertise in order to identify pollens correctly which is why the National Allergy Bureau requires such a strenuous examination process to ensure they are obtaining the most accurate pollen counts throughout the nation.

How do we get our pollen counts?

We utilize the latest, up-to- date technology to collect pollen that is nationally recognized using a device called a Rotorod. The Rotorod sampler collects pollen by rotating rods which are coated with an adhesive. It is a very efficient and effective way of collecting pollen. We then take these samples and by using microscopy, identify the different pollen grains.

With much effort, The Allergy Group is proud to say that we have a certified pollen counter and are a recognized NAB counting station, the only one in the Treasure Valley! You can count on us at The Allergy Group to provide you with the best, most accurate pollen counts!