Patient Experience

Dear Allergy Group,

My name is Kennady, I am 12 years old and I have been suffering for all my life because of my deathly peanut allergy. When I first started Oral Immunotherapy I was scared out of my mind about all the possibilities that I could have a reaction. But I didn't ,and I am so thank full for Dr.T and all her amazing nurses that helped me through a life changing process. The Oral Immunotherapy took up to 6 months, and 2 months ago I took my 24 peanut challenge without a hitch. I would have never imagined 6 months ago that I would be here now living a great life not having to worry about my deathly allergy😶I am speechless. My parents Lynn and Troy have been more than supportive, they are the annoying parents that take photos and videos when I had my first peanut or tried peanut butter for the first time and I love them to the MOON and BACK for that(thank you). I just yet again want to thank Dr. T and her other co workers for the most life changing 6 months ever you are all so great and experienced in this field i am awed THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙉



Ruby Smith, Allergy Patient

I cannot say enough about how much my family appreciates the Allergy Group. My daughter, Ruby, suffers from childhood asthma. It began when she was just turning 4 years old and progressively worsened. She even had to be rushed to the emergency room a couple times, and we delayed trips, as flying would have been dangerous with her oxygen levels being what they were at the time. I had so many inhalers tucked all over, in purses, cars, school, etc. ready to react immediately to a coughing fit that would escalate quickly.

Ruby reached a point where even a slight cough would transform her little face into fear as she ran to me holding her hands around her neck, with all of us instantly worried whether it would a quick recovery or a fit that would lead her to gasping and crying. Our entire family stayed on alert, and her asthma was always considered first before we engaged in physical activities or spent extended time outside. She would frequently get sick and take a long time to recover.

When Ruby was just barely six years old, we brought her to see Dr. Neetu Talreja. We had been working with Ruby's pediatrician until that point, yet her symptoms were escalating. The treatment we were using was a steroid inhaler but this only masked the symptoms. The more she coughed and the more she needed the inhaler, the more damage her body incurred. From the first appointment forward, Ruby fell in love with Dr. Talreja. Her warm, caring nature put her at ease immediately. Every time we meet, she spends the time to really listen, is so knowledgeable as she discusses all the options and recommendations for Ruby, then respectfully allows us to make our own decision.

After learning about allergy shots from Dr. Talreja, we decided to try it. They conducted an assessment of her specific allergies and created a formula treating just those allergies. Within months, the results were amazing. Ruby's reaction when she would start coughing, evolved from panic to surprise as it would stop quickly and easily. And it was happening with less and less frequency.

The team at The Allergy Group have always been considerate and very responsive. The appointments are on time and the crew is efficient in all they do. The patience they exhibit when a 6 year old comes in up to 3 times a week, sometimes taking her shot with a smile, and other times fighting tooth and nail, is commendable. They remain calm and supportive, reminding her of the benefits to come. Ruby, after a year of taking shots, was rewarded with a kitten. She loves animals but due to her allergy, she had never been able to be around them without compromising her immune system.

Without exaggeration, our family's lifestyle has been transformed. Ruby runs and plays outside to her heart's content, without the fear she once carried of running out of breath. When she catches a cold, it will simply work its course, instead of invariably turning into a doctor's visit for stronger medication to recover. And psychologically, she is no longer traumatized when she coughs. Ruby has become a more confident, healthy person, and doesn't have to limit her participation in activities. We used the inhaler only twice in 2016, and each time the cough quickly dissipated. Our biggest concern now is that we forget to bring her to the monthly appointments because she simply doesn't have any symptoms to remind us.

The treatment given to Ruby by The Allergy Group, between allergy shots and the prevention plan, has proven to be nothing shy of a miracle. She is no longer needing the preventative medication and is only on a monthly booster shot program at age 7. We are grateful beyond words and could not recommend Dr. Talreja and the team at The Allergy Group enough.


Sheila Smith

I started seeing Dr. Talreja one year ago due to severe asthma, allergy and sinus infections. She was recommended to me due to the place that I was going to felt that they could no longer give me allergy shots as after 4 ½ years as I still wasn’t able to meet “maintenance” levels with the shots and the PA that I was seeing thought that Dr. Talreja would be able to treat my symptoms better than he could.

Dr. Talreja had me go through allergy testing again to see what direction she needed to take along with doing a compressive testing of the asthma problems and we agreed to start with a totally different regimen of asthma inhalers and tapering off the use of prednisone which long term use of this steroid is not good for the human body as a whole. I also started taking Xolair shots which specifically focuses on blocking the over stimulation of the allergens that cause asthma issues and where taking inhaled corticosteroids is no longer effective in controlling asthma symptoms. Also, being someone who has been plagued in the past with chronic unexplained hives; I thought that this would be a very good option for me.

So far my experience with Xolair has been a very positive one and this is coming from someone who seemed to have reactions every time I had allergy shots! I have not once had any reactions to the Xolair shots and feel that they are effective in helping me in my circumstances of severe uncontrolled asthma. My lung capacity has showed marked improvement on spirometer machine and I feel that my overall health is improving. Yes, it can take time to notice any difference in your health once you start the Xoliar shots but I did notice a difference after taking the shots in the first couple of months! First off I stopped wanting to fall asleep at my desk at work first thing in the morning and I have also noticed better concentration in doing daily activities since my lungs aren’t fighting so much just to breath. Yes I still have my rescue inhaler but I am finding less of a need for it than before.

If you have talked to your health care professional about Xolair and they recommend these shots for you, take the time to do your own research and find out what you need to know to see if it’s something you would like to peruse to help control your uncontrolled asthma symptoms or unexplained hives. Just a word to the wise…if you are looking to Xolair to help with your allergy problems you might get a nice surprise when you discover that you are taking less allergy medicine and/or your body is reacting less to your own unique set of symptoms. (This isn’t what Xolair was meant to do though and I wouldn’t recommend it for treating allergy symptoms that aren’t related to your asthma)

Yes I still have nasal allergies and sinus infections but I feel that slowly these are getting better as well and I look forward to the day in the near future when my regular asthma inhalers start going away; one by one.

Thanks Dr. Talreja!

Dr. T,

I wanted to thank you for finding the right medication to successfully rid off of my hives. I went to several doctors and the emergency room with no diagnosis or results. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be in a lot of pain. With your help we have determined that once a month injection is all I needed to keep the hives at bay. Dr. T, you are the best!

Lisa M

Dr. Neetu,

Where do I begin?! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Just when I felt like I was going to lose my mind trying to figure out what I was going to do for Griffey and his troubles, I received your offer to help! I seriously don’t know where we’d be without you. You gave me hope, help and reassurance as a mother and most importantly you gave me wisdom that has resulted in Griffey being a much happier, HEALTHIER baby! <3

Words are not enough to express my gratitude for your generous gift of time, advice and help! We will forever be grateful for the sweet gift of health and your kindness towards us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! <3 <3

Forever grateful,

Shannon S.