Pollen Levels: High




You will experience friendly, quality, driven care for your moderate or complex allergic and immunologic problem. The Allergy Group takes the time to listen to patients and to educate them about their conditions and the treatment options that exist. We apply up-to-date expert techniques to diagnose and solve our patients vexing allergic conditions, which as you realize, can be very debilitating.  Our expertise focuses on, but is not limited to; allergic rashes, asthma, chronic cough, chronic sinusitis, bee sting allergy, and food allergy. What we enjoy most about Allergy/Immunology is the opportunity to treat the entire age spectrum, from small children to the elderly, and the chance to significantly improve the lives of our patients with a cooperative, patient-based approach.  Our commitment to our patients is to deliver not only state-of-the-art medicine, but also truly compassionate care.  Dr. Callanan and Dr. Talreja are both board certified in Allergy and Immunology. With Dr. Callanan's experience of over 30 years and Dr. Talreja's recent training, we hope to provide excellent care for all your allergy, asthma and immunological needs.

Schedule your appointment at The Allergy Group through our receptionist Angelica at 208-377-4000. If you have questions about your allergy problem call or email our nurse Barbara. Our capable office manager Deanna can assist you prior to our visit if you desire, financial or other office information. For any other questions or concerns please email us at info@theallergygroup.com