Springtime is here, Treasure Valley! While there are many wonderful things to enjoy about this season, allergies are at their worst during these months. Making sure that you are prepared for your spring allergies will help you to fully enjoy all of your favorite spring activities.

Get an allergy shot or allergy drops (SLIT)

Getting an allergy shot will boost your natural immunity to allergies that normally would have kept you away from some of your favorite activities. While shots won’t take care of all of your allergy problems, you will have a much easier time enjoying the summer months after you have received your shot.

See the Treasure Valley Allergy Group

Seeing your Treasure Valley allergist will help you create a plan of attack against your allergies. Your allergist will be able to prescribe you the medications that you will need to combat all of the pollen, dust, mold, and other allergens that cause problems during the spring.

Keep your windows closed

While you may be tempted to pen your windows during the spring to catch a beautiful breeze, this is something that could cause your allergies to flare up. Make sure that you are keeping your windows closed in order to lower your chances of allergens entering the home.

Replace your air filters in your home and car

Many drivers and homeowners never stop to think that an outdated air filter could be adding to their allergies. Once you finally replace your air filter in your air conditioner unit, you will see all of the dust and other particles that have clogged up your current air filtration devices.

Hire a duct cleaning company

The amount of dust and other allergens lurking in the ducts of your home is much more than anyone might first think. Duct cleaning will eliminate the many allergens that are trapped inside your duct system. This will help to reduce the frequency of allergy attacks due to temperature changes in the home.

Mold proof your home

Dripping faucets, dripping shower heads, and leaking fridges are all causes of mold in the home. While this mold may not be fatal, it can cause serious allergy problems. Hiring a plumber to search for and take care of these issues is key when preparing for spring allergy season.