As we all can see by just looking outside, the air quality is quite poor.

Currently, we are in the Red Zone meaning the air we are breathing is unhealthy for all populations.

It is advised for all individuals in the valley to limit their time spent outside especially exercising or exertional activities.

Individuals with heart or lung disease, older adults and children are especially at risk. If you are of a special health risk population, we advise that you stay indoors until the air quality is yellow or lower.

You can look on our website for updates on Boise Air Quality readings.

Also, the weed pollen is very high, if you are allergic to Sagebrush, Ragweed, Russian thistle or other Chenopod weeds, be aware that we are seeing very high numbers of these pollens and it is best to practice avoidance by staying indoors especially if you have asthma.

You can find our most recent pollen counts on our Boise pollen counts page here.