With the recent fire outbreaks in Boise and the season for forest fires approaching, one wonders, if it’s risky to do outdoor exercises. Smoke from fires is primarily composed of fine particle pollution from burning trees and other plants. Air pollution is not good for anyone. While exercising is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, air pollution and exercise can be an unhealthy mix. This applies specifically if you have asthma, heart or lung conditions.

Exercise can actually amplify our dangers since, we draw in 10 to 20 times more air when we strenuously work out than when we sit still. Adding to it, if the air is polluted, we get a huge dose of toxins entering our lungs. Its best to exercise in clean air outside or exercise indoors for those particular days when the air quality is not adequate.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculates the Air Quality Index, which gives updates about the levels of pollution in the air. It’s a great source of information to determine if resuming outdoor activities is a good idea. Now, don’t forget that exercise has clear health benefits, so don’t give up on exercise entirely.

  • Here are some tips how you can focus on ways to decrease the risks of the air pollution and exercise mix.
  • Monitor air pollution levels with Air Quality Index released by the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Time your workouts and plan on going for an early morning run when the air is cleaner than other times. Pollution levels are higher in afternoon especially during rush hours.
  • Avoid high-pollution areas when exercising.
  • Fluctuate our exercise schedule
  • explore a nearby gym, exercise indoors.

Dust masks do not help. They do not protect you from fine particles in smoke. If you have asthma, heart or lung conditions, it’s advised to check with your provider about when it’s best to resume exercise.

Also, if you stinging in your eyes, difficulty breathing or chest tightness, coughing, a scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, headaches, seek medical care and stay indoors till u get medical help.