If you are reading this article, you probably know that taking care of a child with food allergies can be really stressful! Daily management can be time-consuming and you may experience a mix of emotions like worry, uncertainty, confusion, frustration, sadness and of course anxiety.

The very first thing you should remember is that you are not the only parent to experience these kinds of emotions. Studies have shown that parents of kids with food allergies do experience elevated levels of stress and anxiety and may also report lower quality of life.

Its also quite normal to experience these emotions during specific periods of time like during the transition to new playgroup or school, change of your kids’ caretaker, change of place, change of doctor etc. So, what can really help in reducing the anxiety and stress?

Meeting an Allergist can help!

Yes! Your Allergist is the only person who can help you in learning and practising ways to cope with stressful food-allergy related situations.

An Allergist can educate you with-

  • Your child’s allergies
  • Symptoms to look for
  • What precautions to take
  • Treatment plan (how and when to give medications)
  • Daily management
  • How to handle complications and emergencies

Allergists are experts in handling and managing food allergies. Therefore, proper guidance, counselling and support from your child’s allergist can help you feel more secure and confident about managing your child’s allergies.

Therefore, if your child is suffering from food allergies and you are having a hard time managing it, we recommend you meet our board-certified allergists at “The Allergy Group” to help you in your fight against food allergies and its complications!