| Spirometry / Pulmonary Function Testing

The Allergy Group uses state-of-the-art spirometry equipment to test lung function. Spirometry measures how much air you can inhale as well as how much and how fast you can exhale air. It is used to diagnose asthma or determine the severity of the disease.

The patient is asked to take the deepest breath they can, and then exhale into the sensor as hard as possible, for as long as possible. Then the patient is asked to rapidly inhale.

The physician may decide to repeat the test after a bronchodilator treatment to determine if there is an improvement typically seen in asthma.

Spirometry is used:

  • During first visit with an allergist to diagnose asthma

  • After treatment has started and your symptoms have stabilized

  • To document normal lung function

  • At least once 6 months to one year to assess maintenance of airway function

  • To evaluate the response of medications