BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — Have you been sneezing? Do you have a stuffy nose or a sore throat? It could be fall allergies.

Fall is one of the biggest allergy seasons, according to Dr. Neetu Talreja with The Allergy Group. She said sagebrush is the main culprit right now in the Treasure Valley. “That’s the main pollen. Patients come in sneezing, coughing and having a miserable time.”

If you are suffering from allergies, Dr. Talreja said there are three things you can do. First, try to avoid the pollen. She said it’s a good idea to change your clothes when you get home and take a bath before you get in bed. Don’t dry clothes outside and try to stay indoors when pollen counts are the highest. She also recommends wearing sunglasses so pollen doesn’t get in your eyes.

One of the other things you can do head to the grocery store. “There are a ton of amazing over-the-counter medications,” Dr. Talreja said.

Finally, if you are still suffering, it’s time to head to an allergist for help. “They can actually find out what you’re allergic to and cure your allergies so you do not have to worry about it every year,” Dr. Talreja said.