For millions of individuals with food allergies, accurate labeling is a matter of great importance. This is especially true for those with sesame allergy, as sesame has now been added as the ninth major allergen subject to federal labeling requirements.

As food allergy experts in the Treasure Valley, we here at The Allergy Group are excited to share this incredible news with our patients. For years, Idahoans have found the answer to managing and relieving their food allergies. Keep reading to learn more about the FASTER Act and how you and your loved ones will benefit from it.

What is the FASTER Act, and Why Was It Passed?

Under the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research (FASTER) Act, signed into law in 2021, food manufacturers must now add information on labels of foods that contain sesame or sesame derivatives as of January 1, 2023.

The FASTER Act was passed with broad support from the Allergy and Immunology community and is designed to improve the safety and treatment of food allergies in the US. It is a significant addition by the FDA, as it is estimated that over 1 million individuals in the US have a sesame allergy.

What Are the Labeling Requirements for Sesame in Food Products?

In the past, labeling practices have been inconsistent, unclear, and were primarily done on a voluntary basis. Now, thanks to the FASTER Act, manufacturers have a clear understanding of how to identify sesame and its derivatives on their packaging. It should be noted that any products that were either in transit or on the shelves before January 1st, 2023 were not subject to this labeling, so shoppers should be vigilant.

the allergy group sesame labeling blog 2
the allergy group sesame labeling blog 2

Why is Sesame Allergy on the Rise in the United States?

Including sesame as a major allergen subject to federal labeling requirements has shed new light on the growing problem of sesame allergy in the US. While sesame has long been a staple of many cuisines worldwide, it has only recently become a more common ingredient in American foods. This increase in exposure, combined with a lack of awareness and labeling, has contributed to the rise in sesame allergy cases.

Food Allergy Treatment in the Treasure Valley

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