Not only does the spring bring beautiful flowers and sunny days but unfortunately it also comes with high pollen counts and extreme weather changes that can trigger allergies and asthma. We all are aware of our seasonal allergy symptoms that occur during the time the trees pollinate if we are allergic, but often asthma creeps up on us this time of year as well and before we know it, your start having breathing troubles.

Spring Asthma Issues

At The Allergy Group, we emphasize to start your allergy medications before the pollen season gets into full swing to give you a protective defense against eye and nasal symptoms. But what if you have asthma? Can you do the same? Do you know enough about your asthma to know that the spring season is hard on you? This is an important question to ask yourself. Because of increased pollen exposure as well as the weather changes, being outside and exercising more or playing spring sports, many people see increase in asthma symptoms. If you understand your asthma well, you can prevent flares that lead to ER visits and hospitalizations by starting a proactive asthma action plan.

How We Can Help

Here at the Allergy Group we can measure inflammation in your lungs by a Fractional exhaled nitric oxide level (FeNO) so we can tell if you need to start a corticosteroid inhaler or increase you medications during this time of year. It is very common to have asthma flares in the Spring and Fall and working with your allergist can help prevent this by this simple tool. We also can help you identify your certain type of asthma so we can adjust and individualize treatment just for you!!

Please don’t procrastinate this time of year on managing you allergy and asthma conditions, we are here to help you stay healthy so you can enjoy this beautiful season!

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