Spring is here and so is the sneezing and runny nose! It’s only the middle of March, but spring allergies are already on the rise… and are real! Over at our office at The Allergy Group, I am already seeing an increase in the phone calls of people complaining of allergies. Symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes and intense sneezing… and so on. Do you wonder if the mild winter the cause of early sneezing and runny nose… Well, you may be right! Mild winters have given way to early blooming of trees, the pollen of which is the usual culprit at this time of the year. Seasonal allergies are the result of the body’s immune system overreacting to something your body considers as “foreign” in the environment during a particular time of year. Learn more.

What can be done? Here’s what we advise for seasonal allergies:

  • If you’re feeling the onset of allergy-like symptoms, or you know you will start soon, start the medications prescribed by your allergist proactively to have effective results. Some medications do take time to build up.
  • Confirm your seasonal allergies- make an appointment with a board certified allergist to help you understand what’s the cause of your symptoms. You might be a candidate for allergy shots which can be a safe “natural” and “long term” cure. Moreover, it would help you attain a medication free lifestyle for allergies.
  • Follow your local pollen count. We post it everyday on our website and Facebook page to help patients take more care of themselves during high pollen season.
  • General protective ways like exercising indoors on high pollen days, wearing a long hat and big sun glasses, not line drying your clothes outside, showering everyday before getting in bed, washing hair to get rid of the pollen sticking to your hair products, wearing a mask while doing yardwork etc.

Please contact The Allergy Group at 208-377-4000 if you have any concerns or questions. We are there to help you be “symptom free” in spite of your seasonal allergies. Have a Happy Spring!