First of all... I’m as critical as they come and I have to say Brhee is quite arguably the best doctor in all of Boise, but probably farther. I was very ill for about 9 months, when I went to see her and was tested for pretty much every allergy possible. All of the tests came back negative. I had no allergies of any kind. I’d already been to my regular clinic 3 times, the urgent clinic a few times, to a pulmonologist twice, to an ear/nose/throat doctor 3 times, and then he sent me to the allergist for congestion, a cough, and sore throat. I’d tried Flonase, Albuterol, Antibiotics, Tesla Pearls, Flonase again, other allergy medication and no one could figure out what was wrong. I thought I might have cancer or something worse! The pulmonologist said, “You’re lungs are in perfect condition.” ?? The ENT said directly, “I don’t know what you have.” A primary care doctor said take these antibiotics for an infection and I did....but was still sick. I saw the allergist (as I’ve mentioned,) and I have no allergies. None, Zero, Zip. Then Brhee said the most infuriating thing I’d heard yet... she said, “ I think it’s a sinus infection and you need antibiotics.” I let her know that I’d already tried that. She was clearly wrong. She held strong to her theory, despite my death stare and probably my now readily apparent seething contempt for her stupid and irrational viewpoint. I was so angry. I’d already tried antibiotics! Was she not hearing me? What is wrong with me (expletives deleted.)?!! Naturally I never wanted to see her again. But despite this opinion, I followed all her directions, because I followed every doctors directions (it’s just what I do.). And to my great shock and awe.... she was correct. It was just a really bad sinus infection that needed antibiotics for 30 days.

In 9 months and with thousands and thousands of dollars spent no doctor had figured this out, until I went to the allergy group.

She was right on. Who’s better than that?

Natalie - Facebook

I am very glad that I found the Allergy Group! Everyone there is kind, caring and professional. While I was in the office for a procedure, Nurse Cathy and the other staff went over and above what was expected to make sure I was not just cared for and safe, but comfortable, as well. Four different people checked on me at different times. Dr. Talreja is amazing. She really listens, really cares, and patiently answers my many questions. I have had multiple issues with allergies for a long time and do quite a bit of research myself, so I was thrilled to find a doctor that could teach me things I didn’t know and explain things I didn’t understand and suggest medications and interventions I had never heard of (for example, “Aspirin Desensitization Procedure”). “Dr. T” knows the answers, even quotes medical journals, but respects you as the expert on yourself and what you are experiencing. She even gave me a great referral to another doctor for gastrointestinal issues I’ve had for years, and that doctor also was able to help me quite a bit with a medication for no one else had ever mentioned. I’ve consulted many doctors these last few years, and it’s rare to find one as knowledgeable, personable, concerned and conscientious as Dr. Talreja. She’s earned my trust. I could only wish that all doctors and their staff would be as expert and caring as this one is!

Kathleen Lucas

Dr. Talreja is so very caring, compassionate, and truly dedicated to her job as a physician!

Kim R.

Great Doctors & staff!!!! Except Barb… She’s the mean shot lady… LOL. She takes GREAT care of you. Love you Barb!!

Kim B.

Dr. Talreja is one of the best physicians I have worked with in my 30 years of allergy nursing. We miss you in Tampa!

Kat B.

Dr. Neetu is a 5 star physician. She is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate humble and dedicated to her patients and staff.

Linda L.