Thanksgiving is an important time to reflect on all you have to be thankful for and to connect with family and friends. Below are some options to help you celebrate Thanksgiving safely.

Hosting At Your Home

The benefit of hosting at your home is that you get to plan and decide the menu. Plan to use allergen-friendly recipes. Check the ingredients and read labels properly. Prepare food taking extra precautions not to cross contaminate. Ask friends and family to avoid unsafe foods. Send them a list of foods that your child is allergic to. Ask them to send you a recipe beforehand.

Celebration Away From Home

Have a conversation with the host. Ask the food that is going to be served. Mention your child’s or your allergies and the need to take safety precautions. Explain that anaphylaxis has life threatening potential. To make it easy for the host, offer to help cook and plan a menu based on the food allergies. Help label reading and also teach them about preventing cross contamination. Also, bring some safe foods with you so alternative safe options are available.

Celebrating At School

If your child’s school chooses to celebrate Thanksgiving, work with key school staff and families for the holiday. That way, you can plan holiday festivities in alignment with your school’s wellness plan. Talk with the teacher in advance about making the celebration safe and inclusive for your child. Start this conversation early and with a written plan. Suggest ways to celebrate without food like the class could work on projects to help people in your community, gather clothing, used books, or canned food items to donate. Children could also write what they are thankful for.