Spring is here!

Many of you have realized, weather from checking pollen counts, seeing blooming trees or having an increase in allergy symptoms, that spring is here and pollen in in the air!

If you have tree allergies, it is helpful to know when the trees you are allergic to are pollinating so you can do the best you can to avoid heavy exposure of that particular pollen. Here at The Allergy Group, we have an excellent pollen counter, Brian Ayers who provides a thorough, meticulous pollen count for you. We update our pollen count regularly on our website and provide a graph of previous day’s top 4 pollens so you can watch the trend of the specific trees that are pollinating. Currently there are many pollens in the air! The most abundant pollen is Cottonwood. This pollen persist in high numbers in early spring and can be a hard allergen to avoid since we have so many cottonwood trees here! Other trees that are currently pollinating are Maple, Birch, Willow and Ash. We also are seeing a rise in Juniper pollen which is a troublesome allergen and produces high numbers of pollen, it will get higher and higher in the coming weeks!

You may have noticed that some trees are farther along than others. Oak, Sycamore, Locust and Walnut trees have not yet started pollinating yet but will be soon! Grasses pollinate in the summer and weeds like sagebrush pollinate in the fall.

Understanding the trees around you and where they are in their pollination cycle will help you manage you allergies better, visit our website to view the most recent pollen counts in Boise! Brianne Ayers PA-C