During the fall season, Idaho becomes one of the most scenic places in the country. A lot of people look forward to the beautiful weather. However, the pollen can cause your allergy symptoms to run wild. No one looks forward to being stuck inside the house. Here are three of the top tips for allergy sufferers to keep in mind.

Take Your Allergy Medications

Before exposing yourself to the pollen-filled environment, be sure to take your allergy medications beforehand. The medication will give you an extra sense of security. Many allergy formulas take a while to build up in the bloodstream, so begin taking them as soon as possible. It is definitely a good idea to consult your doctor. Some medications will not provide adequate protection for every person. While a particular treatment may work perfect for your neighbor, you may find it to be ineffective.

Breathe Through Your Nose

When walking outside during the fall, try to breath through your nose. This is especially true when encountering leaf piles and dust. Your nose naturally filters particles from the air. If needed, don’t hesitate to wear a mask or bandanna on certain days. You can still exercise without aggravating your allergy symptoms.

Check the Local Forecast

By watching your local forecast, you can find out the current pollen levels. Windy days typically stir around a lot of extra pollen. You should dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Always bundle up on cold days. A scarf can be used to shield your mouth and nose from potential irritants. Because of its ability to stay drier, cotton is able to provide a more effective barrier against mold. If the pollen levels are extremely high, you may need to reschedule your outdoor activities for another day.